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From Pastor Tish:

Shortly before my appointment to First UMC was announced, my then ten year old son asked if we were changing churches. He was not very excited about that possibility because he said, "I like our big church in the City and there aren't any big churches like that around our house - except for that one across from the library." With a glimmer in my eye, I asked, "Do you think you would like that church across from the library?" He answered, "Maybe. I'd have to look inside first."

First United Methodist Church of Festus/Crystal City is that church across from the library. My son may have been talking about the physical building, but his heart was also wondering, "Will I be welcome? Will I find friends there? Will I sense God in that place?" That is a lot of wisdom from a ten year old!


You may be asking those same questions as you consider taking a look inside First UMC. I invite you. Come. Look inside. And I believe you will discover that you are welcome, you will find friends here, and God is in this place.


By the way, you may be encouraged to know that, after a few weeks of looking inside, my son whole heartedly approves. I think you will, too. Enjoy the pictures and come check us out in person soon.

First United,

Pastor Tish

Explore the opportunities you'll find inside!

Sanctuary Entrance - Grand Avenue.

Stained Glass - Sanctuary Entrance

Sanctuary pews filled with camp kids

Sanctuary decorated for Christmas

Making pizza in the kitchen

Fellowship Hall - Polling Place

Sanctuary with Easter lilies

Main Street Welcome Sign


Modern Worship - Sundays 10am

Traditional Worship - Saturdays 5pm


113 Grand Avenue, Festus, Missouri 63028

Rev. Dr. Tish Green

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