In Person or Live Stream Worship

Sunday 10am Modern Worship

Saturday 5pm Traditional Worship

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Worship Options

Traditional Worship - Saturday 5pm
   * Features hymns played on the piano or organ

   * Responsive reading and Pastoral prayer

   * A relevant and scriptural message

   * Communion is served and is open to all


Modern Worship - Sunday 10am

   * Casual service featuring a band and upbeat music

   * Nursery & Youth Ministry

   * K-5th Grade Holy Moly!

   * A scriptural message that relates to real life

   * Communion is served and is open to all


Nursery Care, K-5th Grade Holy Moly, and Youth Gathering Provided Sundays 10am.

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Modern Worship - Sundays 10am

Traditional Worship - Saturdays 5pm


113 Grand Avenue, Festus, Missouri 63028