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Traditional Worship Time Poll



This poll is for those who prefer to attend in-person Traditional Worship at First UMC right now.

This poll is specifically about which Traditional Worship time would be best attended in-person.

Those who still plan to worship online or who prefer Modern Worship need not participate.

Hi, Church.

We have not fully recovered from the impact of Covid-19 on worship attendance, but we want to make the best decisions we can about worship times in this less than ideal situation. With an average attendance of 40 people for in-person Traditional Worship right now (50% of pre-Covid attendance) it is more beneficial to maintain one stronger Traditional Service than to split into two Traditional Services of 20 people each. Such small services are not conducive for growth, do not bring the same sense of community in worship, and use twice the resources for what could be done together.

For the last 8 months we’ve held Traditional Worship services Saturday 6pm only. The purpose of this poll is to get a clearer picture of what one worship time would serve the most people who will attend in-person right now. I recognize that no answer will make everyone happy and that more adjustments may be needed later as worship attendance increases, but we need to do right now that which will serve the most people right now.


Thank you for your prayers and your faithfulness to God and our congregation.

First United,

Pastor Tish

Medical Questionnaire

Please fill out the following form to help us understand your physical condition.

I have been attending (click one):
My first choice for attending in-person worship is (click one):
If my first choice is not available, my second choice for attending in-person worship is (click one, different than your first choice):
If Traditional Worship is Saturday evening, I prefer moving the Worship time to coincide with the Fall Back/Spring Forward time changes in order to allow more sunlight during drive-time. This would mean 5pm Worship times when we Fall back and 6pm Worship times when we Spring forward.

Thank you for your help!


Modern Worship - Sundays 10am

Traditional Worship - Saturdays 5pm


113 Grand Avenue, Festus, Missouri 63028

Rev. Tish Green ~ Pastor Adam Kaul

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